The Brothers Briggs

“This is lovely” Stuart Maconie, BBC6 Music

“This album began life as a 70th birthday present for our dad Martyn Briggs. Dad is a singer and folk enthusiast. He performed throughout the 70s and 80s and recorded on Topic Records for Bill Leader.


As three close brothers, we grew up around folk music. As far back as we can remember we’ve sung these songs on long car journeys or round the kitchen table. We still sing together whenever we meet up, it’s part of our family tradition.

Rather than recreate the songs in a traditional style we decided to take the recordings in personal musical directions; incorporating an impressionistic element that reflects our relationship to the music we grew up around, we chose to bring out some of the darker elements that used to scare us as kids. We’ve always been interested in the stranger aspects of folk music (as well as being easily spooked!) so this suits us fine.”

Tom Briggs is a musician based in Manchester. Throughout the years he’s been involved as a singer and guitarist in various projects. These have included Baked A La Ska (Limefield Records), Kirsty Almeida and the Troubadours (Decca) and writing, performing and touring his own show based on the life of Fats Waller (The Joint Is Jumpin’).

Ed Briggs is a musician, builder and sound artist based in Brighton. He composes for theatre, movies, radio plays, websites, apps and many other media. He also designs sound and art installations for events. He is currently embarking on a Phd at East Sussex University exploring the links between arts and sciences and how we learn.

Alex Briggs is a singer and teacher based in Birmingham. He has a particular interest in history and fantasy and a fine voice.

Martyn Briggs is a folk singer who performed throughout the 1970s/80s and recorded on Topic Records for Bill Leader.
Brothers Briggs CD cover lo res

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