Kirsty Almeida

Kirsty Almeida’s music (like her life) is magical, the kind of radiant soul-revue sophistication that’s been gone so long it suddenly feels brand new; crystalline vocals untouched by meddling sheen, live instrumentation tinkling across your synapses, the glowing warmth of classic song-writing pulsing like amber jewels. Her debut album, ‘Pure Blue Green” is a timeless spectrum of soul, folk, blues and sumptuously intricate voodoo pop beamed through the prism of her gifted seven-piece band. Signed to the legendary Decca label in the summer of 2009, ‘Pure Blue Green’ was produced by the mythological Youth. The result, is sublime, gracious, lusciously melancholy and inspirationally uplifting.

“The variety of musical moods, the understated intelligence of the writing and the pure joy of the execution make this, surely, one of 2010 exceptional debuts.”
Paul Taylor, Manchester Evening News

Born in the UK, brought up in Gibraltar, she traveled the world as a kid (Venezuela, Singapore, Florida, the Philippines, amongst others). “Music was the only place that felt like home, always.” She’d also been painting, sculpting and crafting forever, using these talents to create the artwork for her album. She also, naturally, finds colours in chords and blends them together exactly as a painter would.

2010 saw Kirsty and her band The Troubadours playing all the major UK music festivals as well as a headline tour.

“…she’s an artist who has to be seen live to be appreciated…it’s on stage, with her band in full bawdy flow and the birdcage juddering, that she flourishes.” – The Guardian

“…Almeida’s live shows where a cabaret-meets-soul-revue atmosphere of energy, color and good vibes is summoned by a taut seven piece band swinging big and forceful one minute, sweet and tender the next. Highly recommended.” Direct Current

Kirsty was also commissioned to write and record tracks for two independent British films “Pategonia” and “Albatross”. Her collaboration with fellow Mancunian resident Mr Scruff resulted in a hugely successful remix –  “Pickled Spider” which was released on the Ninja Tunes label.

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