Kirsty Almeida releases DéjàVoodu

DéjàVoodu is the re-release of the critically acclaimed debut album from Kirsty Almeida, produced by the legendary Youth (U2, Primal Scream, The Verve, Beth Orton, Sir Paul McCartney). Originally issued as Pure Blue Green by Decca Records, the album includes the singles Spider, Cool Down Rewind, If You Can’t Make Me Happy and Late At Night. Recorded at London’s State of The Ark studio, DéjàVoodu combines wonderful songwriting with blues-folk, New Orleans soul, voodoo-tinged-pop and world music flavours, all brought to life by Youth’s chart topping production. The album features beautiful string and horn arrangements, Indian violin, Motown-esque backing vocals, santoor, harp and steel pan alongside Kirsty’s inspired band, The Troubadours. A true creative, Kirsty was assistant producer and painted the artwork. Her hypnotic voice has been compared to Dusty Springfield, Portishead’s Beth Gibbons and Janis Ian.

Preorder CD (released 17th Feb) 

Available now on iTunes 

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Lucy Ladybird theme song

Kirsty Almeida has written the theme song for the children’s app Lucy Ladybird by Sharon Chai. You can find out more at There’s even a karaoke version that you can watch right now!

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Kirsty Almeida – Winter Songs

‘Winter Songs’ is the new release from Manchester based singer/songwriter Kirsty Almeida. The album is a collection of ten delightful tracks reflecting both the magic and darkness that the season brings.


Winter Songs, recorded in the city’s Limefield studios includes originals: ‘Merry Christmas (Let’s Have Some Fun)’, ‘Tick Tock Tick’, ‘Just Cancel Christmas’ and ‘Cold Lonely Blue’. They nestle snugly alongside several beautiful covers including a stunning reworking of Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’ and a soulful acoustic version of Mariah Carey’s hit song, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. The album also features ‘January Man’ by one of the UK’s finest song writers– Ian Reynolds and Andy Green’s uplifting remix of a Kirsty Almeida’s live favourite – ‘Shine All Your Light’.

Attractively packaged, Winter Songs will bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees it with art and design by Kirsty Almeida and Sandra Whetham.

Track listing: ‘Merry Christmas (Let’s Have Fun)’, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’, ‘River’, ‘January Man’, ‘Tick Tock Tick’, ‘Just Cancel Christmas’, ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Cold Lonely Blue’, ‘Shine All Your Light (Andy Green Remix)’ and ‘White Christmas’.

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Kirsty Almeida paper music project


On 11th October Kirsty Almeida performed her ‘Paper Music Project’  at the Manchester Art Gallery. It was a new collaboration with amazing science artist and musician, Ed Briggs, the wonderful mad music professor. The music was all made from paper to open the Manchester Exhibition, ‘The First Cut’ as part of the Manchester Weekender.

Arts writer Mike Butler wrote:”Kirsty Almeida can write a catchy pop tune and do it well. Her Decca album, Pure Blue Green, was infectious to the point of medical guidance. But there is, it seems, a multiplicity of Kirstys. Music is only part of it: she is a dress-maker, an interior designer, and a creative catalyst for a thriving artistic community in Manchester. This free performance, opening a weekend of cultural events in the city and a series of Thursday late-night events at Manchester City Gallery, revealed the off-the-wall and out-of-the-ordinary Kirsty, and she was riveting.” Read his full review here.


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Sunday Times review for Baked A La Ska!

Fantastic review for Baked A La Ska’s new album Just Desserts in The Sunday Times. Released on our sister label Limefield Records it’s available on iTunes and through

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Baked A La Ska release ‘Just Desserts’

Manchester’s maverick ska band Baked A La Ska release their second album ‘Just Desserts’ on our sister label Limefield Records.

It’s a band of assembled oddballs and pranksters brought together by keyboardist and wizard Mr John Ellis, fronted by an un-holy trio of singers: Frank “The Skank”, Tommy Robot and Kuntri Ranks, who combine with the soft lilt and harmonica magic of Robin Sunflower.


Their second album Just Desserts sees the band playing their trademark mix of spaced out and spooky originals plus quirky covers that have been put through the ska machine.

Buy now at or Just Desserts - Baked A La Ska

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First releases on Limefield lablel

All Made Up’s partner label Limefied Record’s has just made it’s first releases from Dead Belgian and Ian Reynolds. Two fantastic albums, available from all good retailers.

Shreds - Ian Reynolds

Love & Death - The Songs of Jacques Brel - Dead Belgian

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Female First review Cool Down Rewind

Female First

Kirsty Almeida – Cool Down Rewind Single Review

Artist: Kirsty Almeida

Single: Cool Down Rewind

Label: All Made Up Records

Rating: 4/5

Kirsty Almeida returns with her delightful new track Cool Down Rewind, which really shows off her delicate vocals an beautiful song-writing perfectly.

There is a real melodic feel to Kirsty’s vocals and there is sultriness to her tone that really needs nothing more than a backing guitar.

Youth, who has produced the likes of U2 and Beth Orton, has produced the tracks and he has shown her off in the best light.

Her warm vocals take centre stage and there is no fancy backing music and the production has been kept incredibly simple.

But simple works beautifully as there is a real up lifting feel to the guitar that is on the track that blends wonderfully with the melody of her voice.

The track is a reminder to the artist to not rush through life and take the time to appreciate the moment in which she finds herself as she sings ‘Just watch every moment as is moment flows’

There is a real intelligence to Kirsty’s songwriting and you can’t help but swept away in what she has to say.

Kirsty Almeida – Cool Down Rewind is out now

Cool Down Rewind - Single - Kirsty Almeida

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‘Cool Down Rewind’ track of the episode on Labelled Independent

A big thanks to Labelled Independent for making Kirsty Almeida’s new single ‘Cool Down Rewind’ track of the episode on their latest podcast.  You can download the podcast featuring a great selection of new music from independent labels for free on iTunes or listen to it on their homepage:

They have also given the track a little write up in Indie Mag.



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Kirsty Almeida ‘Cool Down Rewind’ released

Kirsty Almeida’s beautiful track Cool Down Rewind is released this week. The digital single is accompanied by DaviesQuiet’s stunning remix.

Cool Down Rewind - Single - Kirsty Almeida






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